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          Add: No.4166 Huaxu Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District,Shanghai, China.
          E-mail: shxmpt@gmail.com xiumapt@hotmail.com
          Mobile: Gallen: +86-18616877212
          Luke: +86-18917746081
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          Shanghai Xiuma Spraying Machinery Co, Ltd is a technology innovation enterprise which specializes on the thermal spraying processing and the research & development of equipment manufacturing. We are one of the few companies who can independently produce the arc spraying equipment, plasma spraying equipment and HVOF spraying equipment. Our company has a number of technical talents dedicated to the development & production of thermal spraying equipment, materials and technology etc. By introducing foreign technology, we have developed and researched the new high-energy plasma spraying equipment, HVOF spraying equipment and Arc spraying equipment. Besides, we are the first in China to develop the touch-screen controlled plasma equipment (XM-80SK) and the kerosene HVOF spraying equipment (XM-5000), all of which have reached the level of the ones aboard and been widely used in the spraying industry. All of our customers at home and abroad speak highly of them.

          At the same time, we also undertake all kinds of business on spray processing and mechanical processing. With strong technical force on thermal spraying and novel ideas on thermal spraying equipment manufacturing, design and post processing of thermal spraying coating, we have won high reputation in this field. Besides, we can also solve the key issues on the application fields related to thermal spraying. There are 3 multi-function spraying rooms equipped with FANUC manipulator hand and complete production tools to make sure that the quality of coating is good. The company also equipped with the lathe, milling machine, drill press and universal grinding machine to undertake all kinds of mechanical processing and coating surface grinding business.  

          Sticking to the company aim: survival depends on the quality, reputation lies on the service, and positively accepting the precious opinion from our users in the using of equipment and coating processing, we are glad to serve our customers at home and abroad with heart and soul.


          Shanghai Xiuma Spraying Machinery Co;Ltd Add:No.4166 Huaxu Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District,Shanghai, China.
          E-mail:xiumapt@hotmail.com Mobile: Gallen: +86-18616877212 Luke: +86-18917746081
          Tel: +86-21-69787331 , +86-21-69787081, +86-21-69787082, +86-21-69787083  Technical Support:qiju [manage]