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          Add: No.4166 Huaxu Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District,Shanghai, China.
          E-mail: shxmpt@gmail.com xiumapt@hotmail.com
          Mobile: Gallen: +86-18616877212
          Luke: +86-18917746081
          Our leader went to South Korea for our equipment appliance as a return visit on Oct 22, 2011 [2011-10-22]
          The customer from Pakistan had come to visit our company on Oct 8th,2011。 [2011-10-08]
          We have table tennis match on 12th,Dce 2012 [2011-10-08]
          Lastest News:We have achieved the thermal spray industry qualification certificates and thermal spraying technology operating certificate [2011-10-08]
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          Shanghai Xiuma Spraying Machinery Co;Ltd Add:No.4166 Huaxu Road, Huaxin Town, Qingpu District,Shanghai, China.
          E-mail:xiumapt@hotmail.com Mobile: Gallen: +86-18616877212 Luke: +86-18917746081
          Tel: +86-21-69787331 , +86-21-69787081, +86-21-69787082, +86-21-69787083  Technical Support:qiju [manage]